Hiking trails and extra water resources for Lehi residents highlights Geneva Rock’s future housing development plan

In 2019, Geneva Rock and its development partner, GWC Capital, announced approval to build The Vistas at Point Crossing at the site of a former Geneva Rock gravel pit. The new transit-oriented development (TOD) in Lehi will turn the site into a mixed-use project with 300 luxury apartments, 100 townhome units, a high-speed bus between Utah and Salt Lake Counties, and pedestrian and bicycle paths with easy access to nearby trail systems.

As a result of this project, and through a generous donation from Geneva Rock, the city of Lehi will also see additional water and trails for its residents.

Geneva Rock will provide its own water infrastructure for the development. Geneva Rock did this by deeding a section of property to the city as a public utilities parcel that will include a one-million-gallon culinary water tank, a 2.1-million-gallon pressurized irrigation water tank and a new municipal culinary well. The well and water storage, when completed, will not only service the new development, but will extend to residents in other parts of the city, encompassing a footprint of nearly 300 acres.

The sale was completed in the summer of 2021 and Geneva Rock immediately donated the funds to the Traverse Mountain Trails Association (TMTA), a Lehi-based organization that promotes and supports the development of local, sustainable recreational trails to help Utah residents live a healthy and active lifestyle.

“We are always excited when companies like Geneva Rock step up and do more than is required simply to benefit the larger community,” says Brad Kenison, assistant city engineer with
the city of Lehi. “As part of the annexation agreement with Lehi City, Geneva Rock was required to provide the water infrastructure for their development. However, they also went above and beyond to build water infrastructure for an area larger than their proposed development. We are excited that the city of Lehi and Geneva Rock were able to collaborate on this successful public/private partnership.”

Jay Ritchie, president of Geneva Rock, sees the donation as another way to accomplish his company’s mission of building a better community.

“Additional trails up along the hills and foothills will give residents places to exercise, walk their dogs, enjoy the evenings or early mornings and generally have more enjoyment of the community,” he says. “We’re greatly honored to help provide an amenity which will benefit all the residents who live in that area. Building a better community is one of the tenets by which we operate, and we will continue rehabilitating the land we use to create useful living, working, growing, and playing environments.”

Geneva Rock’s mission aligns perfectly with the mission of TMTA. TMTA has been instrumental in the funding and building of multiple trails in Utah, including Sensei (5 miles) built in 2017, Mo-mentum (2.5 miles), LoLo Loop (2.5 miles) built in 2019, Tráverse Travérse (2 miles) built in 2020, and Brookside (in progress). The association has also recently received funding to build Footloose (3 miles), a hiking trail, this year.

“Our newest donation for $160,000 from Geneva Rock is our biggest yet and TMTA is ecstatic,” said Lori Le, president of TMTA. “This is a huge boost in continuing to build trails and will directly fund the continued build- out on Traverse Mountain Trails System.”

This build out includes downhill mountain biking trails, hiking trails, multi-use trails, special features, and trailhead improvements.

The demand for natural trails has grown in recent years as more Utahns recognize the benefits of outdoor recreation.